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My NapPak - Sew What Design Studio, Belton, TX
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My NapPak

My NapPakTM

My NapPakTM was founded by Beth Clampitt in Dallas, Texas, in September 2001. Since most day care facilities only provide the bare necessities of a cot or plastic they encourage the parent to provide blankets. One day when picking her 18 month old son up for a mothers-day-out program, she realized that he was stuck to the mat from sweating and drooling and the blanket the he was using was twisted around his legs.


The school insisted that she could only bring one item for him to nap with.  After a personal search for such a product for her child, she was unable to find satisfactory bedding. Convinced that there was a strong interest for a sleeping product that was all-in-one, comfortable, durable to handle weekly washings and kept the child from touching a mat that another child napped on the day before she decided to make them herself. Parents and schools responded enthusiastically to her design. My NapPakTM is versatile enough to use for a variety of situations – school and day-care, traveling and sleeping over a grandparents.


Beth was a single mom for several years and owned a graphic design and printing company. In 1997 she remarried and had a second child. Now she was able to sell her company and stay home with her children. After several years she felt something was missing “It was fun to be home with the kids, but I needed to do something for myself, I needed that extra pat on the back. It feels good to do something good for others, but it is not the same as doing something for your self.”



“I love My NapPak ‘cause it’s got a blankee and pillow, and it has my name on it,” said 4 year old Cullum Clampitt, who has been “beta-testing” the NapPak product since his mother started the business.
The all-in-one pillow, comforter and attached  fleece blanket
just for kids who take naps.
ADORABLE? Washable - Durable! 
65% Polyester - 35% Cotton
54" x 24" with velcro fasteners, shoulder strap
 and an oversized blanket.